Lamborghini Huracan to get V8 Hybrid Engine

Earlier this month, the CTO of Lamborghini, Rouven Mohr has disclosed about the upcoming Huracan successor.

Mohr stated the Huracan successor will feature a plug-in hybrid powertrain while keeping the details under wraps.

The upcoming Huracan Successor will come with a hybrid setup paired with either a V6 or a V12 engine.

As per some reports, The Italian automaker will reportedly use a V8 engine coupled with an electric motor setup.

According to rumours, Lamborghini will stop using the V10 engine that it has been using for many years.

When paired with an electric motor, switching to the V8 results in even reduced carbon footprint.

Like its predecessor, the car would continue to feature all-wheel drive and powerful acceleration.

The Huracan's successor will be built on a new platform with a new architecture thanks to the new engine.

The new Lamborghini will function differently with the new electrical aid, with its hybrid turbo boost starting after 10,000.

The Huracan hybrid will be available from the Italian automaker as part of its ambition to electrify its lineup in order to comply with emission standards.

In order to meet its 2030 carbon reduction goal, Lamborghini intends to only sell hybrid vehicles starting in 2024.