Jeep Avenger EV unveiled

Jeep has revealed the Avenger EV along with two other SUVs Recon and Wagoneer S at the Jeep 4xe Day event.

The Jeep Avenger EV will only be available in European market.

The upcoming Jeep Avenger EV will be manufactured at its plant in Tychy, Poland.

The Jeep’s new SUV will be placed below the Jeep Renegade in the brand’s European market.

It will be positioned as an urban SUV more than a rock crawler but, it will have a impressive ground clearance and break over angles.

The upcoming Avenger EV will have a all the modern technologies along with a modern interior.

The cabin of the Avenger EV will be roomier as it is expected to get plenty of space for passengers as well as for luggage.

Depending on the variant, the Avenger EV may offer a two-wheel drive or all-wheel drive option.

Customers will have the option of either one or two 94 PS electric motors. Later, Jeep might also provide a hybrid version of the Avenger EV.

The all new Jeep Avenger EV will offer a range of 400 km on a single charge.

The pricing of the new Jeep Avenger EV is not revealed yet but the Europeon customers can pre order the SUV from 17th October 2022.